The 2013 Hispanic Heritage Month Theme is Hispanics: Serving and Leading Our Nation with Pride and Honor.

The National Council of Hispanic Employment Program Managers (NCHEPM) is a body consisting of an executive board and membership from multiple Federal agencies and other organizations from across the United States. Most of our members have been appointed as their agencies designee responsible for building relationships between Federal agencies and the Hispanic community.

Our mission is to:

  1. Promote public service as a professional career within the Hispanic community.
  2. Network and share information on resources and best practices regarding results-oriented programs successful in overcoming the underutilization of Hispanic Americans in the Federal Governments workforce.
  3. Create and administer public and private partnerships that result in an increase of Hispanics in the Federal government.
  4. Serve as a principle advisory body to senior officials on Hispanic employment issues.
    More about the National Council of HEPM:
  1. Hispanic Americans. . .
  2. Overview of the Council
  3. HEPM Core Functions

Become a member (HEPM, Associate, or Partner) of the NCHEPM! Everyone is welcome. All members will be included in the Councils list serve.

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